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Interview with Lisa Tyson - Lisa shares her insights about leadership, talent management and recommendations for HR during her discussion with Enrique Rubio, Founder of Hacking HR.

Coaching Testimonials

Pam Cebulski, Senior Vice President - Marketing

“I was referred to Lisa by a former colleague of mine who thought I could benefit from her Coaching. Based on her recommendation, I connected with Lisa and decided to move forward with a Coaching engagement focusing on my career transition. What stood out to me about Lisa was her approach to Coaching; recognizing my individual needs and specific goals and not trying to apply a cookie cutter approach like some other Coaches that I have worked with. During our sessions, she appropriately challenged me and through the self reflection she encouraged, I became clearer on my personal goals and what is important to me during the transition I am in."

Paul T., Life Sciences Senior Executive

“Lisa is an excellent coach - she asked the tough and necessary questions to get me to the root of the matter that needed work. She applied her strong experiences and was a valuable colleague with whom I could talk through issues - regarding company operations and politics, as well as my own career development. She is a valuable resource!”

Susan Watkins, Regional Business Director

“Right from the beginning of our coaching sessions it was obvious that Lisa is a gifted listener who takes what she has heard and translates it into valuable, credible insight. Her extensive human resources background provides an essential foundation when communicating with executives. During our coaching sessions, Lisa masterfully uses effective questions to guide me to areas to further explore and develop professionally. She does all of this with warmth, humor and just the right amount of nudging to keep me on track to achieve my established coaching goals. Lisa is my un-biased voice of guidance who has led me to short-term solutions with long term gains both personally and professionally. She is a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship.”

Rose D. Director - Compensation

"Lisa Tyson is a gifted coach, whose insightful and thought-provoking approach has challenged me in a non-judgmental way to dig deep, understand root causes and rethink strategies to enhance my professional growth. Lisa’s warm and efficient style has made the coaching experiences pleasant, yet transformative. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to achieve greater professional growth and elevate their effectiveness.”